24 hour security guarding

Is it time for 24hr security?

Did you know that around 60% of all break-ins and thefts happen during the night (view source) so it’s not enough to keep your site or property protected during the day when your site is at its most active. 

Security is as vital as ever, and nowadays, many invaluable products and services are available to monitor your property, whether remotely or on-site. Having inadequate security measures can be costly if something happens at your sites, such as thieves stealing items or intruders wrecking your premises.

Both organised and opportunist criminals routinely check whether an empty property is locked and secure or may scout industrial estates and other business areas during the night or over weekends and bank holidays when they have reasonable assurance nobody will be present. In this guide, we discuss the measures you can implement to ensure your site or property is protected around the clock.

There are many ways to implement 24-hour security coverage, and a lot depends on the nature of the property, where it is situated, and the types of risks that are most prevalent.

Static guarding, where a certified security guard remains in situ, usually at a main entry point, verifying the identity of any visitors or challenging unauthorised intruders. Physical 24/7 guarding also means that a guard can conduct spot checks either to investigate unusual noises or movements or as part of a patrol routine that ensures there is a visible and active security presence on site.
Patrol guarding, with or without a K9 security dog, strategically manning property perimeters and responding quickly to any perceived threats or attempted breaches. Security dogs not only provide a strong visual deterrent, but they’re also adept at picking up on cues for potential breaches that we humans cannot!
Mobile patrols, where fully equipped security vehicles visit the property at random intervals throughout the night without establishing a pattern that criminals or intruders could intercept.

24-hour security can come in many forms and may encompass various services as part of the package, depending on the company you hire and the individual services you invest in. But ultimately, the core understanding of 24 hour security is that it provides a manned security solution any time of the day, all week.

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