Why you may need CCTV monitoring & Key holding

In the UK capital City of London, you’re likely to be captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) dozens of times a day, while another figure holds that there is one such camera for every 10 people in the capital. That’s perhaps not that surprising when you consider the role of these devices as effective crime deterrents, in helping secure successful prosecutions, and in reducing insurance premiums. What’s more, they’re cost-efficient solutions, and particularly powerful when combined with intruder alarms.

The best-quality, most state-of-the-art cameras are meaningless if you’re unable to act on the information they gather. Most systems are linked to the web via the CCTV monitoring station. You can activate this all the time, or just when your site is unattended.

Once your system picks up a break-in, fire or similar unusual activity, an alarm is sent to the remote monitoring station in real-time. Most systems are event-triggered, and will kick into action in seconds.

Operators can then pan and zoom camera as they investigate the alarm’s cause. And this viewing of a scene from different angles ensures that intruders can’t hide in any blind spots. Should any suspicious activity be noted, immediate action can then be taken.

Traditionally, the role of key holder and alarm response person is the responsibility of a trusted company employee. Should the building’s alarm be triggered, the alarm company would have that member of staff as their point of contact and they would attend the site to secure the building and reset the alarm. While this was all well and good for the occasional false alarm, in the effect of an actual break-in, this procedure puts your employees directly into harm’s way.

Our Key holding and alarm response service solution makes life convenient and safe for you and your staff. Alarms can go off at any time of the day or night and someone must always respond, which is where our response service comes into effect.

We have restricted our geographical coverage ensuring quicker alarm response times. Crucially we do not overload our vehicles with a large customer base Detailed reporting,

Our keyholding and alarm response service is flexible to suit your specific requirements and can include additional services such as staff escorts, mobile security patrols, lone worker visits and property inspections.

At the heart of key holding and alarm response service is our 24-hour control centre. Upon receiving a call from your Alarm Receiving Centre our experienced controllers will dispatch a mobile security driver to attend. All calls, incidents and events into the control centre are recorded.

Whatever reason our keyholders and alarm response officers are called out, they perform a detailed inspection the scene. They will perform a full examination of the property to determine the point and method of entry, delivering a full written report to the client as soon as possible.

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