Planning an event in 2023 – start with security!

Watchful Eye Security are responsible for security at some of the UK’s most high profile events. If you are organising an event, here’s what we think you should consider;

Security at events is one of the most important factors when planning and maintaining a safe environment, however many smaller organisers might be unaware of the extensive requirements that need to be thought through for a security system to be most effective. By considering these event security tips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to put on an enjoyable, safe event!

Assess your event’s security risk upfront
Not all events carry the same security risk, and so you should first assess if your event is a high, medium or low risk. The things to consider when assessing event security risk include the organisation that is hosting or promoting the event; the content or context of the event; the key individuals speaking at or attending the event; and the exhibitors or sponsors related to the event.

You should also take into account potential vulnerabilities of the venue you choose. For example, outdoor venues are often harder to secure than indoor spaces, but indoor spaces may also have fewer escape routes. And then there are always the force majeure “Acts of God” like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes that must be accounted for.

Why is security at festivals important?
An adequately staffed and trained festival security force can bring a number of benefits to you and the staff running the event. These advantages include:

Our event guards are well-trained to attend to the security needs of different types of events. Unlike in-house employees or volunteers, they know what to look for and how to handle various scenarios.

We train & license our staff on emergency preparedness, drug awareness, first aid, threat identification and immobilisation, and crowd control, among many other things. Therefore, the guards know how to spot dangers and use the correct dispute resolution approaches.

Large events can quickly culminate into chaos without proper crowd control.

Event guards stand at entrances and exits to ensure order and that attendees enter and exit the venue peacefully. They help maintain proper queues so that nobody feels disadvantaged. You can also list their services to scan tickets and check guest lists for any gate crashers.

Who do your guests turn to when they need help or feel unsafe?

Well, you probably have a few employees stationed at strategic points for that. However, the bigger your event gets, the more insufficient your in-house personnel become.

Let’s say you’re expecting 5,000 guests at your event, and you have only fifteen employees to guide them. The high chances are that your staff will be overwhelmed and attendees left confused, a perfect recipe for chaos.

Security officers can compliment the few staff you have on-site in guiding your guests.

If you are in the planning stages of an event or just need an informal chat about security arrangements please contact us

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