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Open Up and Lock Up service

Our Open Up and Lock Up service ensures a client’s premises are opened up at the start of the day, or secured when staff leave to go home. Our SIA licensed security officers arrive prior to the designated opening time of your premises and perform and initial welfare check, returning in preparation for closure. Following the closure of sites, our staff check all of your staff have left the building and that your building or site is secure prior to setting the alarm system. Any premise is at its most vulnerable at the point of opening-up/closing-up such as at the start and end of a working day, or the beginning and end of a shift or event. Our lock up and unlock service helps to reduce the risk of crime during these times by removing the risk and responsibility from staff or other company personnel.

Instead of asking staff to take on the responsibility, time commitment and potential risks associated with locking and unlocking your premises, trust us to do it. Just tell us when you want us there and you can rely on our licensed officers to be there at the allocated times. We’re not just there to let people in and close up when they leave, we will also look after your premises as if they are our own.

Our lock and unlock service is available 24/7/365. No matter what schedule your business keeps, we can deploy a lock and unlock service that suits your needs, ensuring your property is always fully secure when you close and ready to go when you open.

To discuss this service further and to receive a no obligation quote, please contact us.

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