Does the cost of living crisis mean a crime increase?

Watchful Eye Security have noticed a distinct increase in requests for service as the cost of living crisis continues. This often takes the form of business owners and operators wishing to protect their staff and assets.

Police chiefs are drawing up contingency plans to deal with an expected rise in crime this winter as the cost of living crisis worsens, it has been reported. The impact of higher food and energy costs is hitting everyone and it’s a very unsettling time for many families, couples, and individuals across the country. It’s also a very worrying time for business owners, who not only need to factor in the cost of living and potential wage increases for their trusted employees but also the now increased risk of crime to their business that the current economic climate could influence.

Former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Dal Babu told The Independent that children will particularly struggle as a result of rising food and utility costs.

“People are surviving on minimum,” Mr Babu said. “I think it’s a big challenge and I think there’s a danger that food and hunger will be used to snare young people into … situations where they’re in debt to gangs.

The annual Rural Crime Report published today reveals that rural crime levels are rising sharply. The first quarter of 2022 suggests a worrying return to pre-pandemic crime levels, with costs up over 40% on the same period in the previous year. Prices are rising, supply chains are straining and crime gangs are more able to travel freely than during the pandemic.

Land Rover Defender theft has risen by a staggering 87%, trailer theft up 5%, and livestock rustling has increased by 3.7%. Dog attacks on animals has seen a reported increase also.

As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, criminals will be more organised and more determined to carry out their illegal activities

So how can you prepare for a potential increase in crime and threat against your property or business?

Firstly, talk to us about your areas of concern. We have years of experience in the prevention of crime and the well being of clients premises. Together we will explore the very best and cost effective security & crime prevention measure which may include;




Our offices a fully trained and SIA licensed and well versed in providing a high quality of service in any type of assignment.

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