The real benefits of using guard dog patrols

Security dogs add a new dimension to your security practices, offering a much more visible element to your security detail. Security dogs effectively complement the skills of security officers, naturally offering higher levels of threat detection and, therefore, faster response.

Whilst CCTV systems and alarms installed to deter intruders are often the first port of call for security… They often do not prevent a crime actually taking place. Guard dog security is the ideal deterrent and will often stop criminals from entering your premises.

Ideal for business and domestic properties. As well as special events, guard dog security patrols have perfected the role of a high-profile deterrent for any unwanted intruder. It is widely acknowledged that just one security guard dog team is as effective as four or five static guards.

Specially trained dogs can easily detect explosives or illegal drugs due to their heightened sense of smell, which is approximately 40 times more sensitive than humans. Speed of pursuit is another bonus, with fit dogs able to sprint at 15-20mph, easily running-down someone attempting to escape.

The overall cost of a security dog & handler is usually lower than the price of 2 security officers. Providing a very obvious and effective deterrent, our security K9 patrols are more popular than ever and can drastically reduce the threat of crime in your area of business.

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