Keep your business secure this winter

Being a 24/7: 365 service provider, Watchful Eye Security have identified a vulnerable time of year for a lot of businesses.

With the colder weather creeping in, it is time to start thinking about getting your business ready for winter, so you are in a position to carry on providing an uninterrupted service, and so that your premises are well protected during the colder months and any seasonal shutdown periods. A winter security plan should feature in your preparations.

Often, the best approach, when it comes to getting ready for winter, is to plan for the worst.

The Met Office says that 43 per cent of small businesses lack a continuity, disaster recovery or crisis management plan. So, if bad weather hits, anything from traffic delays to power outages could spell disaster. Whether your business is in an office block, shopping centre or stand-alone, the dark makes you more at risk from opportunistic burglars and the cold makes your employees more likely to make mistakes. To ensure that your business is kept as safe and secure as possible this Winter, here are our best safety and security tips!

Carryout a risk assessment

Don’t put off carrying out a full risk assessment because you could potentially prevent something from happening before it’s even happened! With the Winter comes the wet weather and icy remains, two things that can cause slips and falls and serious injuries. To keep your employees and the public safe, assess your usual business risks as well as new potential risks from the change of season.

As we protect ourselves from the cold by adding layers, your business may need to do the same! Prepare for the cold weather by checking your property and putting in potential precautions to avoid any nasty surprises. Snow can be heavy, so is your roof in good enough condition to manage it? The Winter can become freezing, so how will you avoid freezing pipes and potential injury due to frozen car parks? Storms and floods could arise, is your property prepared? With the varying conditions of the season, it is important to be prepared for the worst so make sure your maintenance is kept up to date.

Enhance perimeter security

For starters, it is vital that additional steps are taken to protect the premises from the outside. Perimeter security solutions have become increasingly sophisticated of late, incorporating cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart sensors, drones and thermal imaging.

Perimeter security choices should always be made in conjunction with a security expert who understands your risk levels, and who knows precisely what solution would best suit your needs. They will help you assess any specific threats to your premises, particularly in terms of seasonal risks, as well as looking at the level of security required, which of course will vary depending on the nature of your business.

Consider lone workers

If you have staff working alone who will be on duty or leaving the premises after dark, it is important that you take steps to ensure their safety. Panic alarms (portable or fixed), access control, door entry systems and security lighting will all help to safeguard any staff who may be vulnerable.

Check your security lighting and CCTV

With the darkness filling a lot of the days, it is essential that your property is well-lit and well monitored. Make sure to check your security lighting and CCTV to ensure that this is the case, as it is important to see that they can detect movement even in low visibility. It’s also essential to check that all cameras are housed properly, are appropriate for all weather conditions, are clear from snow and that there is no risk of the cables being disconnected.

Enforce security measures with all staff

Mistakes can be made when it’s cold, whether it’s something as small as leaving the blinds open to see inside or a more serious one such a staff member cutting the perimeter check short to get out of the weather and get home. To ensure everyone is as safety-conscious as they should be during these vulnerable months, you need to be refreshing and enforcing security measures with your employees. Always remember to lock your windows and doors, shut your blinds and keep your valuable equipment out of sight!

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