What it takes to work with us

Here at Watchful Eye Security we regard our staff as our best asset! Not only do we invest in the training & development of our staff but also ensure that their well-being is considered in all assignments.

Apart from being fully licensed with the security industry authority we look for qualities which will reflect our high reputation within the security industry.

Communication is a vital life skill to have and can help improve daily security guard operations. By having strong verbal and written communication skills, you can help provide direction and support to a facility and its operations. 

Along with surveillance abilities, having attention to detail can help maintain the integrity of a facility. Security guards not only have to monitor the physical activities of a facility, but they might also review documents and identification to ensure the correct people gain entry to a facility. Being able to quickly review and identify inconsistencies of documents or identification can help maintain the security of the facility and safety of all personnel you safeguard. 

Punctual & Alert: Punctually is a quality that ranks high in the list of qualities since being late can affect your business and also cause delays in your personal life. Similarly, the ability to remain alert is also an essential quality. 

Rational: A security guard must have good judgement and the ability to think rationally. Being able to predict the events to unfold is an added bonus.

Security guards interact with a wide range of people on a daily basis, which can require effective customer service skills in order to maintain the security of an area. Maintaining a positive but authoritative presence can help deescalate issues and retain a controlled and secure environment. Effective customer service skills can also help you establish strong client or interpersonal relations and maintain lasting professional relationships.

If you are looking for a change of career or simply wishing to progress within the security industry, take a look at our current vacancies.

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