The importance of security at events

When organising any event, whether it’s a major global event or a small-scale gathering, you need to consider the security requirements for that specific event.

Security isn’t just for big concerts, festivals, and sporting events – it helps keep guests and staff safe at any event.Investing in a good, reliable security partner is worth it because your ultimate goal is to guarantee the safety and security of your guests and attendees.

Event organisers should work closely with security companies to plan every part of the event. This may include an initial event risk assessment and discussion on security measures such as CCTV monitoring, access staff, or security foot patrols. If your event is ticketed or a VIP-only event, special event security staff can also manage who enters the venue, keeping trespassers at bay. Many larger special events such as festivals or concerts may have multiple access points, so it is important to keep these entrances and exits secure.

Create an event security plan
Behind every successful event is a security plan that has been designed specifically for a particular event – there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to event security.

Preparation is at the heart of any successful event security programme and it’s important that your security provider has adequate time to assess the venue, the location, the audience, and the type of event. This allows them to tailor the security requirements of the event and ensure all bases are covered.

Consider how much security is required for your event
We recommend one staff member per 60 guests but during liaison between us, the client and the licensing authoritarian – this figure will be determined accurately.

That’s why it’s important to understand the nature of the event and the likely attendees in order to make an appropriate decision when it comes to the number of security personnel required. As an outside contractor, we liaise with events staff to carry out detailed risk assessments and ensure the right level of safety and security is provided for a specific event.

Crowd Control
Crowd control is vital – events generally have many people attending, so it is important to make sure that every person is kept safe. There may be spaces in your event that guests are not allowed to enter, or the event may be ticketed or invite-only, and therefore, the crowd will need to be vetted and controlled.

Health & Safety
One of the main safety concerns of any event is accidents or health concerns of the guests. Each event should have a first aid station, or first aid trained members of staff on-site to offer assistance if it is required. Many security guards are trained in emergency first aid and can assist guests with minor ailments or can support them until the emergency services arrive.

Watchful eye security are experts in event security and are on hand to provide assessments, advice and quotations upon requests.

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