Why our CCTV operators are the perfect choice

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is a common surveillance tool used to monitor individuals and their surroundings. Small businesses to large corporations use CCTV to record what the camera captures, but in large organisations, a CCTV operator is required to monitor people’s activities and observe a particular location.

As people become increasingly concerned about the security of their property, there is a trend to install CCTV in private property.

In a small business or location, the owner or a security guard observes the area through CCTV and retrieves chronological data to investigate past activities.

In a large organisation, there may be numerous cameras and monitors to display the information; therefore, a full-time security person should be available in front of the CCTV.

Some of the key features of our CCTV operators are;

  • Experienced in the security field
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to deal calmly with emergency situations.
  • Able to write a clear record
  • Good observational skills
  • Liaise with the client, police and other agencies as necessary

Every event observed on CCTV is documented for future use and a report is generated. This reporting system is in partnership with our individual or group client.

We check light conditions, camera operations, remote control capabilities for panning and zooming, audio levels, network signalling strength, and volumetric.

The role of a CCTV operator is multi-faceted and goes beyond the crime fighting that most people associate with the role. Our operators can also play an important part in safeguarding staff who are working in isolation or without direct supervision.

We reward those who demonstrate our values and encourage all our staff to progress within the company.

Finally, our CCTV operators are fully SIA licensed ensuring full government compliance. If you would like to discuss our CCTV operator services, please contact us.

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