The most effective burglar deterrents recommended in 2022

Watchful Eye Security provide security solutions to a wide range of clients including domestic and residential areas. Did you know, you don’t have to build a home like Fort Knox to deter burglars?

Here is a handy list of current recommendations which won’t break the bank.

Security Cameras — One of the Most Effective Theft Deterrent Devices;

According to the UNC Charlotte of Criminal Justice, 60% of convicted burglars would confirm if there is a home security camera before they broke into the house.

And 40% of them would seek another easier target if there is a surveillance camera.

Alarm Systems

Burglar deterrent audio or sound would scare away those thieves.

Burglars hate attention.

That’s the main reason why burglar alarms and sirens are effective on deterring thieves.

Statistics show that 46% of burglars would tend to avoid homes with alarm systems or sirens.

Outside Lights

Outdoor burglar deterrent lights that stay on periodically transfer a signal to the burglar that this home is occupied.

Burglars would tend to skip occupied homes with auto theft deterrent LED lights.

Motion-sensing lights would be a better option, since they can alert you when someone is trying to approach your home.

Security Signs & Stickers

Burglar deterrent signs and stickers is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to deter burglars.

For example, after you’ve installed a security camera, you can put up a sticker near the entrance of your property, such as your garden, driveway entrance, back door, etc. saying that “This Home Is Under 24/7 Surveillance”.

If you have a larger or business premises and would like us to assess your current security arrangements, please contact us.

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