Why Businesses Use Mobile Security Patrols

Watchful Eye Security Ltd Provide a full mobile security patrol service which is staffed by licensed and experienced operatives.

Mobile patrols are a type of security solution to help deter and prevent criminal activity. They are a tailored yet cost-effective option when a traditional full-time security presence is not practical. Many companies have been looking for cost-effective permanent security alternatives they could utilise and random or scheduled mobile patrols appear to be a good fit.

Why are they popular?

What makes Mobile Patrols popular is that the security officers are not static to one location, rather they are able to move around the premises in a marked vehicle monitoring and reporting any discrepancies. In a sense it is quite similar to security guarding, however for the fraction of the price.


Many thieves and criminals will spend time ‘scoping out’ a business and deciding when they are most vulnerable. Mobile security patrols can be scheduled for different times ensuring that there is no pattern that criminals can take advantage of.

Visual deterrent

Our patrol vehicles are highly visible. It has been proven that criminals tend to avoid places which are heavily fortified as it makes it harder to penetrate the business’ defence. Simply having a security presence is a brilliant way of deterring crime. This means you may be able to stop a burglary before it happens. Traditionally, if criminals see security guards patrolling, CCTV, and alarm systems they are less likely to target your office. This is because there is a greater risk they will be caught.


Using mobile security patrols can often be more affordable than hiring static security officers yet it can still provide a strong visual deterrent to would be criminals. Because you do not need a full-time on-site security presence, mobile security patrols are an extremely cost-effective option for small businesses and multi-site business owners.

If you would like to discuss our mobile security patrol service in more detail and for a free assessment and quotation, please contact us.

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