Your vacant shop is at risk

Your empty retail shop is at risk. It is never wise to underestimate the level of measures you need to have in place when considering vacant commercial property security.

Security for vacant retail units is extremely important, particularly as there has been an increasing number of break-ins and vandalism to empty shops in the period of time before a new tenant moves into the unit.

TO PREVENT previous tenants from re-entering the property or passing on keys on to others.

TO RETAIN easy, secure access to the premises at all times.

TO STOP unwanted post building up inside the door as a potential fire hazard.

TO UNDERSTAND additional security risks to help with insurance compliance.

Vacant retail shop units are an easy target for break-ins and vandalism

Try to think like a bad guy, look at the entire footprint of the premises and its surroundings rather than just the MD’s office, stock room or the production line.

The risks to your premises will come in two guises, threats and hazards and the trick will be to try to identify all of them.

In doing so it’s also important to remember impact as this will vary according to the threat or hazard and may be short term (e.g, the impact of a broken window) or much longer term (e.g. the loss of intellectual property). Finally, what are you trying to protect against? Illegal occupation (building and or adjacent spaces), theft of valuable contents, theft of infrastructure (e.g. copper piping), vandalism or all of the above. Consider the most appropriate response to achieve your security aims.

The Three “D”’s
Your aim should be to deter, delay and detect anyone targeting your premises. Bluntly put, you want them to look at your premises, decide it’s not worth it and move off to look for a softer target elsewhere. In its most basic form, a strong fence will deter intruders and cause delays but in combination with, for example, a locked safe and a monitored alarm there is a greater degree of protection. Visible CCTV will deter (don’t forget the requirements for correct signage under GDPR) and movement triggered exterior lighting will also help (mount the lights in such a way that they can’t be easily targeted).

Make it harder for them
Upgrade your locks or if too late for this, ensure all locks (including window locks) are used
Immobilise any vehicles that must remain on site
Remove valuable items offsite including company vehicles
Control potential burglary tools
Lock up ladders
Secure wheelie bins away from the building (and the fence line)
Remove pallets from site or lock them away
Deny them access
Make it clear where public space and private land begin and ends. If you can add a fence or chain – even a low one denotes a boundary line
Erect clear signage confirming private property
Restrict any rooftop access
Block off parking bays next to the building so bulky items can’t easily be removed
Consider anti-climb paint for downpipes and walls
Secure letterboxes (where applicable) to prevent anyone pouring in, for instance, petrol to start a fire. Clever burglars using ingenious tools can also use letterboxes to open doors from the inside.
Increase visibility
Thin trees out
Remove excess shrubbery growth
Ensure all exterior lights are functional
If you have a public right-of-way across or through your property, ensure the route is clearly marked and separated where possible

Watchful Eye security ltd supply fully trained and SIA licensed staff who can include your vacant premeis within a securty and wrelfare patrol in addition to responding to any alarm actiavtions or attempted intrusions

If you would like to discover more or for free and friendly advice regarding any aspect of securtiy services please contact us.

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